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Laboratory Water Testing

Ever wonder why a coral or a fish isn't doing well? Do you ever ask yourself "why are my corals turning brown? If you've ever wondered "what's in my water" then we can help. Extreme Marine has partnered up with a local laboratory that routinely checks Ventura County's drinking water. They have agreed to test aquarium water for us so we don't have to guess what's wrong with your aquarium. The I.C.P. scan that they usually do is a full comprehensive analysis of the health of your aquarium with a computer printout for future reference. (Gasoline hydrocarbons is a very common problem in aquariums)

Aquarium Maintenance

Have you always wanted an aquarium but didn't want the fuss? Do you already have an aquarium but having trouble maintaining it on your own? Extreme Marine has been in the maintenance business for over 20 years and we can help. Saltwater, freshwater, coral reefs, large, small, office, home nothing too small or too large. Our expert staff can help with any aquarium maintenance.

Scratch Repair

Xtreme Marine is proud to be the exclusive store in the country to offer acrylic scratch repair. Our cofounder also owns an acrylic scratch repair business who calls Xtreme Marine "home base." He has invented and perfected the methods of restoring acrylic panels to their original form. Come in and see for yourself. You'll be amazed.

Custom Orders

Over the years we have specialized in custom/ special orders. From wild to mild anything you can dream up. With the help of our manufacturers we can custom order most anything imagined. "Your imagination is our limit."

Custom Installation

We use only top quality materials and staff. With several experienced installers and two general contractors on hand to ensure safe worry free installations you will be rest assured a job done right. With all of our resources the sky is the limit.

Water Options

Xtreme Marine offers three types of water for sale:

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